About Us

Lowcountry Lacrosse (LOWLAX) is the first and only full-service lacrosse company headquartered in Charleston, SC and Greenville, SC. We are a store founded by lacrosse players for lacrosse players. We understand there are many options for your lacrosse needs. We take pride in offering premium customer service that will cater to your needs.  We are owned and operated by players and coaches, so you can expect the pinnacle in knowledge, service, and passion for the sport. We service the local lacrosse community along with teams around SC, GA and NC. Stop by the stores to check out product, apparel, our lounge and shooting cage.

We are more than a store.

We stongly believe in the value of sports for our young athletes. We encourage children to try any and all sports. We hope that those who try lacrosse will love it and stick with it as we did..and currently do.

Our goal is to encourage young athletes to become better athletes by becoming better lacrosse players.

LOWLAX provides a full assortment of gear, apparel, training, travel programs, camps, leagues, and instructional services to serve the needs of lacrosse players of all ages and skill levels. LOWLAX is the exclusive global distributor of Top Left™ and Lowcountry Lacrosse™ brand apparel. 

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Thomas Harris, Co-Owner
Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Mayer, Co-Owner
Chief Financial Officer

Christian Harris
Co-Owner Lowlax Savannah
Team Sales Manager




  Alex Cobb, Manager
Greenville Top Left

Store Testimonials

"I wanted to share some comments that were shared with me last night.
One of the Bluffton Youth parents, Debbie Marler was looking for some ideas and affirmation on some equipment for her boys.  Being somewhat new to the sport she had a lot of questions and I recommended that she give you all a ring.
She called earlier this week and Tim answered all of her questions.  Shopping for two boys can get expensive but Tim helped her find the equipment she needed at a price that met her budget.  She commented on Tim's willingness to answer her questions, educate her, and ultimately get her what she needed at a reasonable price. 
"Tim is fantastic, he was so helpful and really helped me find what I needed and made a complex task (for me), super easy."
When I controlled F18's we had a squadron who's moniker was something like, "The Silver Eagles - Everybody Loves Them"  So, it's only fitting that Tim pick that up...
Tim Fallon - Everybody Loves Him"  -LOWLAX CUSTOMER

"I just wanted to let you know what a great experience [my son] has had this summer being on the practice team and this fall playing with the team. He always talked about how much he liked Coach Chris, and I have to say that I have been so impressed with him. He handled the team beautifully and I truly appreciate how he coaches. [My son] has learned so much and has gained even more enthusiasm for the game through this experience. Leaving the tournament yesterday, he commented that he was disappointed that the season was over. I think that says just how much fun he has had! The team was made up of a great group of boys and I enjoyed getting to know them and their families.

Thank you for a great opportunity!"   -LOGGERHEAD PARENT

Coaching Staff

For more details about our coaching staff, please visit the Coaches Page.