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Riley Seay Commits to Bellarmine; An exclusive interview

A note from Coach Tom Harris:

I vividly remember the first time I watched Riley play. It was during the Mt Pleasant playoffs when he was in 6th or 7th grade. He won every single faceoff because of his tenacity to want the ball. It was that same tenacity that has made him the player he is today. Riley makes an immediate impact on every team he plays for because he is a monster in between the lines. He was one of the top players on the Loggerhead 2017 team being a 2018, and was voted Captain of that team by his peers. He has been a starter on Wando’s Varsity team since his freshmen year and rarely comes off the field. There isn’t a coach that wouldn’t love to have Riley on his team. Not just for his on-field performance, but because of his leadership and character off the field. It is an honor to have known, coached and be represented by Riley.

An interview with Riley:
When did you know you wanted to play college lacrosse?

I knew that I wanted to play a sport in college since I was a kid, but I didn’t know it was lacrosse until the 7th grade.
After making that decision, what did you do to make it a reality?

After realizing I wanted to play college lacrosse, I started to make sure that I was giving 100% on everything that I did. That included the weight room, practice, and the things that people didn’t watch me do like hitting the rebounder and shooting on my own. Whatever it took to reach perfection.
What do you think helped you the most in the process?

I think one thing that helped me the most was support from my parents, teammates and coaches. My mom was always driving me to practices and tournaments along with my step dad Bruce. Making sure I had all the opportunities available and my dad always giving me that inspirational yell from the sideline. With my coaches it was increasing lacrosse IQ and always pushing me to my limit. All of this is thanks to Tom Harris, Bay Burch, Garett Rosecrans, Chris Buechele, Jay Gottesman, Wade Kuisel, Matt Loda, Timmy Fallon, Alex Matarazzo, Matt Nicola, Kyle O’Keefe, Lance Renes and Ben Rupp. They have all been very influential to me and have kept me going the right path.
Is there a particular event or events that helped you get noticed?

The events that really got me noticed was the Top Left Premier and any NXT Event. The assistant coach at Bellarmine, Jay Sothoron, has been attending the Top Left Premier for three years now and that week gives us a great opportunity to get to know the college coaches and for those coaches to know us.
Why did you end up choosing Bellarmine University?

I decided to choose Bellarmine University because every aspect fit my personality as a student and player. It is where I know I will prosper, and I know that my future teammates and coaches will make sure of that.

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