Top Left Teams

For players who have interest in transforming lacrosse from an activity into a passion.

This program will stress the stick skillsteam concepts, and the player work ethic required to be great. Our experienced staff of top-tier coaches promise to be passionate about development, improvement, and advancement in our players.

It is our goal to pass on our Top Left Mission. That is to develop players who play unselfishly as a team, respectfully to the sport, and desire to continue learning and growing their skills.
Our coaches will be disciplined in their approach to work ethic, skill development, team lacrosse, and personal regiment for improvement.  They will understand the game with a cerebral focus centered around reading and reacting gameplay and demonstrating fundamental skills as second nature.  By concentrating on these internal goals, cohesion, clean lacrosse, and winning games will come as a byproduct.



"I wanted you to know how pleased I was this weekend with our team and our coaching situation.  Coach Chris and Coach Timmy were such good examples for our boys and did some great, positive coaching.  The boys love them as people but also totally respect their coaching skills.  We've had success when you come away from a weekend with losses but everyone is still happy!  The boys are ready to work on any mistakes they made this weekend."

"Thank you for all you have done for our team this season! Your leadership of these players showed not only on the field but off as well. [My wife] and I couldn't be more happy about the way our son's first season went. You have done some special things with this team and we appreciate everything."

"I wanted to let you know that my son really enjoyed this season.  He learned a ton!  It was fun to watch him play with this caliber of kids and coaches.  Any feedback that you can give us for him to work would be welcomed! I feel that the program was really well run and I appreciate your coaching.  Our many weekends away were enjoyable as well.  Great group of kids and parents!"

 Thanks for running the program and including my son in the mix.  He had a blast and learned a great deal as well. He was very very lucky to have coaches like you guys. I really appreciate you keeping the emphasis on fun and development over wins and losses at this age."

"Thank you both for all of your effort in providing a fun, safe place for our son to learn lacrosse.  Our son had another wonderful season of lacrosse with the Loggerheads ( I think this was his 3rd season, but I am loosing track), and my husband and I recognize that it is due to a lot of planning on your part to provide this great experience for him and we are extremely grateful to you both.  This season he really enjoyed playing under Coach Tyler as I think the two of them have similar styles in their more quiet personalities & approach to the sport.  Tyler exhibited great self control and respect for the kids and we truly appreciate that.  Thank you Jeff, too, for always being there for the team when needed and being a consistent leader throughout the years.   My son really loves the sport  and we hope that he will be able to continue playing in the future.  Thank you again for all that you do for the team.  "

"Thank you so very much for taking the time today to meet with my son (and myself) to review his first edit. We truly appreciate your guidance and efforts through this process! This is a kid who I can honestly say has a stick in his hand just about everyday at some point. I can't imagine him ever giving up this sport in the years to come--that's why as a parent I truly appreciate all the time you take with my son. He definitely wants to play in college! Hopefully, the stars will align and he will find the right school academically and a with a great lax program!"

"I just wanted to mention to you how much I think our team has benefited from the addition of Coach Scully. My son has mentioned many times how much he likes him and that he thinks he is a great coach. This coming from a child who normally does not comment much unless asked! It was evident this weekend that he has had a positive impact and as a parent I really appreciate his fairness in play time and that fact that the kids having fun is the top priority. A parent from another Charleston team mentioned that their team was winning by so much they even put in the 2nd and 3rd strings. I was pretty much speechless. He has had a great summer/fall season and I think he has benefited greatly from being a part of this team. Last year playing with Coach Buechele and the older kids was a great experience for him also and I think he made a smooth transition to this team. They played so well this weekend and they are such a nice group of kids."

"Thanks for taking  he time to meet with us today. You did a good job helping us understand the team. I know my son has not been  the best player on the team  but we appreciate  you working  with him over the years. He really loves playing  and being a part of the Loggerheads. I am finally seeing  him get the drive and inner motivation  you talked  about today. Hopefully that competitive  instinct will continue to grow  in him as he is out in the yard playing  every  chance  he gets. I'm hoping he'll  learn that the extra effort will pay off."

"I wanted to say thanks for allowing him to be a part of your club as he is learning and growing important life lessons every day on the field. We are looking forward to next weekend! I wanted to let you know that we appreciate you having some of the 2017 guys talk with our group of boys. My son was really excited when he got home and wanted to talk about how great practice was along with some of the advice the older guys said. If you could pass along to those 2017 boys, that whatever they said had an impact on my son. Just wanted to say thanks for continuing to work on things with our boys on the intangibles, along with lacrosse skills! "

"Also, and more importantly, I want you all to understand how grateful and appreciative that I (and all the parents I talk to) are for all that you do for our sons.  You have given them more than just your time.  You have given them purpose, goals, a sense of what it means to work as a team, comradery and  so much more.  In other words: all that is needed to succeed in life.  Thank you very much for playing such a huge and important role in our sons’ journeys from boyhood into a mature understanding of what it means to be responsible young men. Your excellent work with our children does not go unnoticed.  Thank you again."

"Thank you for all of your kind words and your leadership and direction in coaching the boys. I know you didn’t have much time to get to know the boys before the first tournament but, the boys were very responsive to strategies and comments. My son very much enjoyed being on your team and hopes that he will have the opportunity to be on your team again. Thank you again for all your time and dedication."
"Wanted to personally thank you for a great season. It was a great learning experience for my son. Both of you taught him plenty about the game, his position as goalie and overall team play and sportsmanship. It was also very evident in the last few games that the talk each of you had regarding the expectations you have for my son as a leader, may have sunk in. He is very competitive and does not like to let folks down that he respects. He takes every goal very hard and unfortunately wears his feeling on his sleeve. I really appreciate the time that each of you put into making this a great experience all the way around. My son is proud to be a Loggerhead and looks forward to many years ahead."

"Can't thank you enough for the thorough email from the weekend. My son really listens and works on the input and advice you give him on how to improve and also appreciates your positive words. It is such a great thing how you will 'get on' to them or constructively show areas they can improve on, while building them back up on their positive areas...reflects in your team.  Again, I just really appreciate all that you both are doing to help my son improve as a player and a person! "

"Thanks for this feedback  and an awesome year of fun lacrosse for my son. Thank you especially for your encouragement, patience and for being  great models. [My son] has grown to love the game and has gained a little more confidence this year. I am really  proud of him and for the program as it continues to grow every year! Thanks for the  time and energy you put into growing the sport and each player!"

"Thanks for all your guidance with my son…you are like an older brother to him….he really looks up to you.  Your knowledge and passion for the game has rubbed off on him and the entire team. Please let me know if I can help in any way moving forward…it should be a fun ride…thank you again."

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