Coastal Empire Boys and Girls Lacrosse League

Coastal Empire Boys and Girls Lacrosse League


Our mission is to provide a positive, instruction oriented program for boys and girls new to the sport of lacrosse and provide advanced skill training and organized teams to those who are experienced players. Our seasoned coaches want to teach the technical skills of lacrosse while providing an opportunity for personal development. We believe that lacrosse should be fun for the players but provide a foundation for building character that will instill teamwork, discipline, integrity, sportsmanship and respect to other players, coaches and parents. 
Youth Lacrosse League
Savannah, GA


April 22nd: ALL AGE GROUPS
Knight Field, Savannah, GA

(Scarborough Baseball Park/Sports Complex | Corner of Skidway Road and Bona Bella Avenue)
Time Knight Field
8:00a Boys U13 (5th-6th)
Bluffton vs Notre Dame
9:00a Boys U15 (7th-8th)
10:00a Boys | Girls U11 (3rd-4th | 3rd-5th)
Savannah vs Bluffton | Syracuse vs Hofstra
(Split Field)
11:00a Girls U15 (6th-8th)
Northwestern vs Maryland
12:00p Co-Ed Coach's Game!
1:00p Boys U13 (5th-6th)
Hilton Head vs Syracuse
2:00p Boys U15 (7th-8th)
Hilton Head vs Bluffton
3:00p Boys U15 (7th-8th)
Empire vs Effingham

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